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FAQ - Company

How long can a posting remain online?

An offer can be posted for 60 days, although this period can also be prolonged if required. When this time expires the offer is auto archived as “Inactive” and will not be visible to candidates. If you wish to stop your postings from being removed from the website, you can do this in the 5-day […]

What are Recruiting Questions (filter questions)?

Recruiting or Filter Questions are a series of multiple choice questions that the candidate must answer. Each answer is assigned a score so that the resumes can be classified according to the responses given by each candidate. You are able to create a maximum of 10 questions per offer and assign 5 answers with a […]

What does it mean if I categorize a job posting as Pending, Active, Inactive or Draft?

PENDING Pending postings are those that you placed when registering at ProYouth, but are waiting for you company to be validated before appearing on our site. You will receive a telephone call from our Customer Service department to validate the information provided and, this way assure the maximum reliability to the candidates who should decide […]

Can we use a quick filter to view the resumes?

When reviewing the resumes received in response to an offer, you will see a list of all the candidates and three columns showing their professional experience, education and place of residence. If you select any of these elements, the system will filter the candidates to only show the details you have specified. The filter works […]

How can we cancel our account?

Go to the “Sign In” option and introduce your email and password. From My Account, click on “Cancel Account” and re-introduce your password. You must now fill in the fields in the form and send the information. Once this process is carried out correctly you company will be unsubscribed.

What advantages does ProYouth offer?

At ProYouth you can register for free and enjoy the following services: Post job vacancies in real time at ProYouth in just a few steps. Take total control of your job postings at all times. Create up to 10 Recruiting or Filter Questions to effectively select the best qualifying candidates. Receive resumes and cover letters […]

What is updating the date of the posting about? What advantages does it have?

The “Update” service means that your postings will be displayed among the new postings posted for that day, and will therefore always appear in a preferential position where they can be easily viewed by candidates. This is a way of optimizing the effectiveness of your postings by ensuring they remain current. To update your postings, […]

How can we register as a company?

From the ProYouth click on “Employer post a job”. Carefully complete the registration form the fields marked with a red asterisks are compulsory. Once you have completed the process you are then registered and can begin posting offers. However, these won’t appear on the page until you have received a telephone call from the ProYouth […]

How do we change the details of a posting?

Click on the “Sign In” link and enter your email and password to access My Account. In My Account you will see a list of all the vacancies you have posted. At the top of the page, you will find a number of boxes that enable you to filter the postings (active, inactive, draft or […]



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